At Hi-Tech Swiss Precision Inc., we combine the modern technology with our 25 years of machining experience and vast knowledge. With that, we also train our workforce for better understanding of machining. We have successfully wedded the beast to future as we have dedicated ourselves to combine CNC tech with our machining experience and unmatchable skills.

OUR company

Hi-Tech Swiss values your standards for quality. We make your vision our precision which proves us a true manufacturing solutions provider. Moreover, we look to our utmost efforts to customize high quality solutions which will exceed your expectations while fulfilling the needs of your business. 


Thanks to our dedication, Hi-Tech Swiss Precision Inc. have developed a complex network of relationships in the machining industry. Our workforce consists of reliable and qualitative vendors with whom we have partnered with for Heat Treating, Plating, Domestic Material, Electroplating, Passivation and Anodizing with other processes.

To provide our customers with the best, we have also formed an alliance with machine shops who specializes in a vast array of CNC and Manual machining services.  With our years of excellence, we have established a name for ourselves for solving even the most complex problems of our customers while maintaining the high standards we have set for our services.


We provide our customers with the latest CNC technologies, control tolerance +/- .0001. In addition, we look to our best efforts for meeting the unique needs of myriad contemporary technologies of different marketplaces today.



Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

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